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Scott Cawthon

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I was born on june 4,1978 in Houston,texas.

I was a American video game developer and writer.


I live in Salado in Texas

I currently have 50 years



We don't know if it true that he still live in Salado in Texas because this info is 3 year old.

Video games

I developed a lot of game like:
-Chipper & Son's Lumber Co

-The desolate hope
-There is no pause bonton

The game who made me popular is:

Five nights at freddy's

Five nights at freddy's

Five nights at freddy's have 8 principal game and 4 non-main games

The first game was create in 2014


Five Nights at Freddy's also called FNAF is a horreur game where you have to survive animatronic who try to catch you.

The game at the first view look normal but actually hides a very complicated story to find and understand.

Just a quick fnaf 4 jumpscare of bonnie

My kids name are Ian and Branden

I live with my wife and my two kids

I dont share any information of my wife or my family

A photo of The Family

In game I represent myself like this:


The game later became a troll game as the demo of Ultimate Custom Night but my first official game was released in the early 2000s, the ealiest know being RPG Max released in 2002 I late joined Hope Animation where I created Christan Media animation

I started my career in game design and animation in 1990s.

i revealed my first game during a live stream.
My first game name was Doofas I created this game when I was a child

TIMELINe of game












The misadventures of sigfreid the dark elf,


Rpg max 2 and clipart,

Stellar gun,

Ships of chaos,

M.O.O.N Robot,

Legacy of Flan(1,2,3)

Fighter MAge Bard,

Fart Hotel,



8-bit Rpg creator,

Shell Shatter,

Sit n'survive,

kitty in the crowd,

there is no pause button!,

Rage quit

Five nights at freddy's(1,2,3,4),

Fnaf world,

FNAF:Sister location,

Freddy fazbear's Pizzeria simulator,

Ultimate custom night,

FNAF:help wanted,

FNAF ar:special delivery,

Freddy in space 2,

FNAF:security breach


Legacy of white whale,

Chup's quest,

The desolate room,


The Pilgrim's progress