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Fight fire with fire / Blackened


Fight fire with fire



musics we are going to study

fight fire with fire

"ride the lightning" was written by james hetfield, lars ulrich and cliff burton

this song was therefore written in 1984

the melody of the song


- and as the song says "see our mother/ put to death/ see our mother"
- "millions of our years/ in minute disappear"

this title presents all the recipes of the old metallica: - powerful riff

- the lumberjack voice of james hetfiled

the atmosphere is cold

we feel the anger in the riff

James Hetfield really seems to be going to war with his powerful vocals

the war presents in the music

damages irreversibles !


- two different albums but which both came out during the cold war

- an influence on the meanning of these two songs and on the entirety of the two albums
- will give a lesson to the great leaders of the world to come

Thank you

We will ROCK YOU