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Presentation of our innovation

Why should you invest in our project?

presentation of our innovation

Our innovation (minimum viable product)

  • An artificial intelligence
  • Easily transportable
  • Interactive
  • Like OkGoogle or Alexa or Siri
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Able to give advices to users to reduce their contribution on air pollution

some improvements

  • Able to detect a human presence: we can equip our robot with a presence detector to limit energy consumption in the rooms where it is located
  • Able to create an alert: our robot will send messages when for example the user leaves a room without switching off the light

goals of our innovation

  • The best way to improve air quality would be for everyone to act at their own level
  • Reducing our energy consumption means reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned which pollute a lot
  • Mesure the efforts of each individual

  • Help people improve their relationship with the environment

why should you invest in our project?

Invest in our project!

  • If you want to help improve air quality

  • If you want to help people who want to be environmentally friendly but don't know how to do

  • If you want to invest in an innovative project with no competitors on the market

  • If you want to join a determined and hardworking team