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Behind Anita

Who is Ariana DeBose ?

Ariana DeBose is an actress, she has 31 years old and she played Anita in the new version of West Side Story

How does she feel about sharing this new version of West Side Story with the world ?

"During the Interview Ariana DeBose say she found that iconic and emblematic to share that with the world. "

What is her memory of watching the original West Side Story ?

"During the interview she tells that the first time she saw West Side Story, she was captivated by Rita Moreno who at that moment played Anita."

How was it for her to meet Rita Moreno ? And what does she think about Rita Moreno ?

  • Ariana says that her meeting with Rita Moreno went extremely well, that they had an open discussion and that they had a good laugh.

  • She compliments Rita, she says that she is extraordinary, that she is beautiful and very nice.

What happened on her first audition with Steven Spielberg ?

During her first meeting with Steven Spielberg, Ariana refused to read Steven Spielberg's lyrics because she wanted to do it herself.

During her first audition, Steven Spielberg asked Ariana DeBose if there was any particular thing he needed to know. What was it ? And why is it important ?

It's the fact that Ariana DeBose is Afro Latina and she wouldn't play if Steven Spielberg wasn't ready and she doesn't know if he should hire her.