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10th Grade A


1. Yearbook project video

7. Selfie collage

2. Yearbook project questions

3. Final project

4. Sara CO

5. Be and have

6. PE your profile

15. Chinese portrait

9. Yearbook Club CE

8. Yearbook

10. Caden's profile

12. Exercises

13. Pronunciation

14. Degree

11. Adjectives

What can you hear?


Based on the information, write Sara's profile!

It's your turn!
Write your profile!

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Selfie collage...

Who creates the yearbook?

It's your turn!
Create your selfie
collage! Get ready to explain it to the class!

Who creates the yearbook?

It's your turn!
Write about your

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Match the sentencces from column A with the sentences in column B.

Complete Eileen's portrait with categories.

Categories of a chinese portrait:

1. If I were a colour, I would be ….
2. If I were a flm, I would be ….
3. If I were a day, I’d be …..
4. If I were an animal, I’d be …..
5. If I were a city, I’d be …
6. If I were a season, I’d be ….
7. If I were a date, I’d be…
8. If I were a sport, I’d be...
9. If I were a fctional character, I’d be…
10. If I were food, I’d be...

It's your turn!
Write your Chinese

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