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The Adventure of
Tom Swayer


The authors:

the characters:


one sentence:

The book:

My opinion:








lost in

find exit



to regain


My opinion:

the charactere
IN the tom swayer book there are 2 main characters and they are between 11 or 13years old

the name of the authors is mark twain
he was born in& 1835 and he died in 1910
he wrote others book such as La Célèbre Grenouille sauteuse and L'étranger mystérieux

the book
on the cover page we can see
the book was plubish in 1876,
the children are barefoot so they are poor ONE CHILD is holding an apple and the other is holding a paintbrush

my opinion
i don't like this book because the book is annoying and i prefere the book with suspence but i like the character tom swayer

let me ask questions

tom and huck saw the murder of injune joe so tom and huck are scared days later they find treasure but unfortunately they were steal by inune joe days later they went to the party from becky one of their friends they went to the caves but they got lost for 3 days they found an exit an adult to help them it was injune joe hours later they went back to the caves and found injune joe dead with a knife in his hand and the treasure with 12 thousand pounds

the book


publish in 1876

The authors

Mark Twain


Thanks for listening:

One sentences

“Oh, how beautiful she was!And in two seconds Tom was in love!”

the characters

Tom Swayer

Huck Finn


1:what is the name of the authors ?

Mark Twain

2:how many characters are they ?


3:what is their names ?


4:what is the nationality of the authors ?


5:what is the date it was published ?