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The Snow GLOBE is a transparent sphere, usually made of glass, with a decoration inside. The sphere has water in the globe and white plastic; the water causes the "snow" to fall when we shake the sphere.

Mr Perzy I was born in Austria. He was a surgical instruments mechanic and accidentally created the first Snow Globe in 1900 when he was doing an experiment to try to improve the brightness of the electric light bulb.



The first skates were two wheels aligned in the central part and were fastened to the foot by means of a type of lace.

Skates are an invention to be able to skate, do races, tricks, slide, but of course you have to know. There are many types of skates, for example speed, artistic, for a walk, etc. Each one with its characteristics, for example, speed is harder to pick up a lot of speed, the artistic ones are a way to be able to do tricks ect.

Jean-Joseph Merlin was born in 1735 in Belgium. He was a watchmaker. he worked in Paris where he demonstrated his mechanical genius. He moved to England in 1760. One day he entered a party with small wheels underfoot while playing the violin, that ended with him smashed into an expensive mirror.



The Hansen Writing Ball is an early typewriter. It was invented in 1865 and patented and put into production in 1870, and was the first commercially produced typewriter. The Hansen ball was a combination of unusual design and ergonomics innovations: its distinctive feature was an arrangement of 52 keys on a large brass hemisphere, causing the machine to resemble an oversized pincushion.

Rasmus Malling-Hansen was born in 1835 in Lolland and died in 1890 in Copenhagen. He was a Danish inventor, preacher and director of the Royal Institute for the Deaf in Copenhagen. He is the inventor of Hansen's writing ball. Malling-Hansen is famous for inventing the first commercially produced typewriter.



Angry Birds is a video game about birds having to go against the grre pigs who are their enemies. The birds love their eggs, but one day some hungry pigs steal their eggs and at that moment the birds transform into Angry Birds

Jaakko Lisalo is a Finnish video game designer, developer and the Senior Game Desiner of Angry Birds. He was the person who drew the birds and the pigs used in Angry Birds



The hot air balloon is an invention that allows us to fly. It consists of a large bag that holds the air inside, and a basket that is under the bag. It works by putting fire under a large round cloth and waiting for it to fly.

joseph-Michael and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier were born in Annonay, France

Their first successful experiment took place in 1782. In June 1783, they raised a paper-lined cloth balloon to 1,800 m at Annonay. In September 1783 they showed their balloon to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.



The jeans are a type of clothing that you wear to go out. They are one of the few items of clothing that appear in almost every culture for both men and women.

Levi Strauss was born in Buttenheim (Germany) in 1829 and he died in San Francisco in 1902.

He was a designer and an inventor. He is from Germany and he is the creator of jeans.



The Archimedean Screw is one of the earliest hydraulic machines. It is a machine used to lift liquids. the screw rotates on its axis causing the liquid to rise inside the tube. The screw was used predominantly for the transport of water to irrigation systems.

Archimedes was born in Syracuse in 287 B.C. He was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer and great inventor. He is considered one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. He died in 212. Archimedes was killed by a Roman legionnarie in Syracuse.



A computer is a technological device, which contains a mouse so you can click on different websites, it also has a keyboard that is for writing and it also has a screen that is used to see what you click and what you write and to watch video, a computer is perfect for working, playing video games, etc…

John von Neumann was born in 1903 in Budapest, Hungary. He was a famous mathematician and he worked at Project Manhattan. He died in 1957.



There were earlier versions of ejection seats, but it was Sir James Martin's invention that made pilots eject from fast-moving planes. The first test of its ejector seat was in July 1946 and was successful. An explosion blew up the cockpit and a second explosion pushed the pilot out of the plane allowing him to parachute to safety.

James Martin was born in Ireland in 1893. He was brillant engineer who, with Captain Valentine Baker, founded the Martin-Baker aircraft company, which is now a leading producer of ejection seats for aircraft.

James Martin is mostly recognised for the invention of the ejector seat for aircrafts but, he also invented bicycles with rain-proof hoods, tool sharpeners, three wheeled cars,...



The Piano is a percussive stringed musical instrument. The piano uses keys and strings to produce sounds

Bartolomeo Cristofori was born in Padua, Italy on the 4th May, 1655 and he died on the 27th January 1731.

He was an Italianistrument keeper and an instrument maker who is widely credited to be the inventor of the piano.



The WI-FI is like an imaginary spider web that connects almost all electronic gadgets, like mobile phones, computers, etc.

Cees Links is a Dutch entrepreneur that was born in 1975 in Amsterdam the Netherlands he's also the CEO and founder of GreenPeak Technologies.

Victor Hayes, nicknamed “the Father of Wi-Fi,” was born in Surabaya, Netherlands-Indies, in 1941. He was the president of the IEEE committee that created the 802.11 standards in 1997.



The nautical astrolabe is a portuguese invention that allowed the sailors to determinate the ship's latitude. One could also measure the meridial altitude of a star, if they knew its declination.

Hypatia de Alexaandria was a mathematian, astronomer and philosofer. she lived around 370-415 C.E.. She was the the first noted woman in mathemathics, philosophy and astronomy. She led a philosofical movement called Neoplatonism.



3D movies are filmed with at least two cameras that capture the images at the same time, so that when these two movies are projected at the same time and thanks to the glasses, the brain interprets them and the three-dimensional effect is achieved.

Theodor V. Ionescu was born in Romania in 1899 and died in 1988, he made discoveries in the physics of plasma, the ionosphere and the Zeeman effect.

There are several versions about the invention of 3D cinema. It seems that the 3D cinema has its roots in Theodor Ionescu's patent for 3D images in film and television in 1936. Although 3D images were invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone, it was Ionescu who adapted them for film and television.



The submarine is like a ship that can go under the water. To be able to submerge, the tanks are filled with water, so that the density of the submarine is bigger than that of the water, and makes it sink. Once the submarine is under water, the compressed air is activated to be able to be inside it.

Isaac Peral was born in Cartagena (Spain) on June 1, 1851 and died in Berlin (Germany) on May 22, 1895. He was a Spanish scientist, sailor and soldier, Navy lieutenant and inventor of the first electric and functional submarine, known as the Peral Submarine.



The bottle of Coca Cola is among the most recognisable designs in the world. The genious of the bottle was that it was easy to hold, had a distinctive look and that the glass did not break when the bottle dropped. Initially, the bottle was made in a blue, green and transparent variant.

Alexander Samuelson was born on January 4, 1862 in Sweden. He was a glass engineer. He went to E.E.U.U. in 1883. He designed the famous Coca Cola bottle in 1915. He died in 1934.