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1. Boxing history

3. The rules

2. The equipment

4. Different boxing moves

5. The places where boxing is most practiced

6. Some famous boxers

7. Arsen Goulamirian

Boxing history

  • Boxing is also called "noble art"
  • It is probably one of the oldest sports of mankind
  • In ancient Greece, during the "Olympic games" only punches were allowed, it is an ancestor of boxing
  • Finally, it is in the 18th century in England that punters took the model of the pugilist to create the Boxing that we still know today.

What are the equipments ?



Boxing shoes

The protective helmet

They will offer more safety in the movements of the boxer by maintaining perfectly the ankles.These are flat shoes, generally made of leather or semi-leather, which will ensure the ease of movement of the fighter.

The gloves are always made of leather, whether natural or synthetic. Some are more padded than others and depending on your weight you will need to choose a suitable pair of gloves. The glove is defined in ounces. The heavier you are, the more heavy and protective gloves you will need.

In combat, bandages are mandatory. These bands will help to avoid injuries. They also have a hygienic role since they prevent boxers from sweating in their gloves.

Mandatory too, but only for beginner fights, it will protect your face from the powerful blows that your opponents will give you.

The boxing ring


Boxing fights usually take place in a ring that measures between 5 and 7 meters. Like most rings, it is surrounded by ropes that will prevent you from being thrown out of the ring, or even from falling alone.
During boxing matches, the ring is usually raised so that the audience can see better, otherwise it can be placed on the ground.
Each corner is padded from the base to the top by protective cushions.

130 cm

80 cm

40 cm

The rules

The boxers who compete are of the same gender and weight class. There are a total of 17 different categories

Two ways to win

  • By knock-Out

  • By earning more points than the opponent

Different boxing moves





Some more technical moves

Overhand (drop)





The places where boxing is most practiced

  • United states

Las Vegas

  • United Kingdom

  • Japan

MGM Grand Garden Arena

The join tin the Hard Rock Casino

Some famous boxers

Muhammad Ali

Katie Taylor

Mike Tyson

a boxer you should know

Arsen Goulamirian

Goulamirian was born on october 4th 1987 in Armenia

  • On march 5th 2016 he won WBA Continental cruiserweight title and kept it on may 20th 2016
  • On april 16th 2016 he won France cruiserweight title
  • On march 24th 2018 he won WBA interim cruiserweight title
  • On november 15th 2019 he won WBA super cruiserweight title and kept it on december 28th 2019

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