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Chapter 1, 2 and 3

Born a crime

Students: Merle, Marie and Zoe
Advisor: Ms VP


01. Summary Ch. 1

02. Analysis Ch. 1

04. Summary Ch. 2

05. Analysis Ch. 2

06. Comment Ch. 2

08. Analysis Ch. 3

09. Comment Ch. 3

07. Summary Ch. 3


03. Comment Ch. 1


Frame Story


  • Apartheid
  • churches
  • Trevor and his mom
  • riots and corruption in South Africa
  • Trevor and his mother jump out of a car

Trevor and his mom want to get to church but jump out of a car

Side Story

political injustice and conflicts



"(...) But thats beside the point. So lets give this Jesus thing a shot."

style of writing:

"(...) and I kicked everyones ass"


"Christian Karaoke" - church

"We smoked them" - running from the men

"I eventually decided black people needed more time with Jesus because we suffered more"


"We had a very Tom and Jerry like relationship"

Personal Opinion and Comment


Frame Story

Born a crime.

  • birth and upbringing
  • prohibition of interracial sex
  • Patricias story
  • Trevor's father
  • dynamic between different races

upbringing and family backround

Side Story

seggregation and hirachie of colored people in south Africa

Characterisation of His Mother

Born a crime.

adjectives used

  • admirable
  • outgoing
  • fearless
  • independent
  • highly intelligent

"She was always out at some club, some party, dancing, meeting people"

Patricia and his father

“ he was quiet and reserved she was wild and free”

Personal Opinion and Comment


Frame Story

Trevor, Pray .

  • female genderrole
  • no father
  • abusive men in his life
  • prayers and worship

  • poops into kitchen
  • excorcising the demon

Trevor upsets his whole neighborhood by making them think theres a demon in his house

Side Story

genderroles and influences in his life

Narrative Devices

Trevor, Pray.

chronological storytelling


  • point of high interest
  • builds tension
  • no monotonie

first person narrator

  • chronological line of events
  • f.e starts with birth
  • inserted flashbacks

  • author narrates
  • main character is more relatable
  • experiences seem more personal

Personal Opinion and comment


How do western religions and missionary programs effect South Africa?


And do you think, their influence on black communities and families is good or bad?

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Comment on quotes from the book




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