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"Today's science fiction is tomorrow's science fact"

1. Say what you know OR imagine what the man is doing.

2. Read the quote. Find examples where science fiction became reality.

Isaac Asimov (1920-1992)

What can you find in a sci-fi story ?

A list

From reel to real

How is science fiction impacting our lives?

Changing everyday objects

1. Imagine what Marty is doing with his glasses and doc with his watch.

2. Explain why these images were futuristic in 1989.

1. Look at the document and identify the gadgets used in the film.
Compare their functions with the real life gadgets used today.

2. Recap what you know and explain why science fiction can become real

That let him watch tv and answer calls

that can predict the weather down to the second

custom alerts let you know when to expect rain or severe weather

handle phone calls, texts, photos, videos and maps

optical heat-rate sensor capable of spoting a heart condition

Watch the trailer.
Find other examples of gadgets that exist today (or are still in fiction

By pairs
- Think about science-fiction gadgets.
- What would you do if you had them?

Mini task