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presentation of Aston Martin


2.How the corporate culture puts Aston Martin in the spotlight?

3.Why Aston Martin?

Question: How Aston Martin's corporate culture puts him in the spotlight?


Headquarter: Gaydon, United kingdom

legal form:Public limited company


objectives:profit-making purpose to ensure

size:big company

turnover:611,8 millions £

material resources :1 factory

human resources :3000 employees
scope of action:international

to start we will look at the basics of the corporate culture of Aston Martin we have three great principles at Aston Martin we then have the beauty know-how and the art what makes Aston Martin a luxury brand with cars for the persssones with great these three principles have propelled Aston Martin on the front of the feur stage over the years.

2 How the corporate culture puts Aston Martin in the spotlight?

Why Aston Martin


I choice Aston Martin be cause.... i love the brand it's class i like their modeles and i want to drive a Aston Martin one day i wich