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Four Freedoms

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech by Norman Rockwell

Middle :

  • White man standing
  • Working class
  • A manual in his pocket

Left background :

  • White man in costume
  • Other white people

Right foreground :

  • Man with a shirt and a tie
  • Holds "manual report of the town of Vermont

Message : everyone can express themself no matter the social class they come from

In the center

-Two women holding their hands.
-The woman on the left is asian and she carries an object in her hand, we suppose it's a christian crosse.
-She smiles

In the foreground
-We can see two people of color.

In the foreground
-People of different race.
-Two women who appear in others painting.

Reinterpretation number 1

Reinterpretation number 2

  • A women is standing
  • Her t-shirt is oppened in the middle showing her breast
  • Holds a purse on which it is written : "Time's up"

Middle :

Left :

  • People of different race

Right foreground :

  • A man who is looking at the women
  • He is wearng a t-shirt on which it is written : "equality"

+ Info

  • In the center there are an Woman
  • she is standing with a straight and assertive posture like for say (i'm ready for the fight)
  • it's an actress Rosario Dawson of natonality Puerto Rico

Reinterpretation number 3

  • In center

  • On the left:

  • We can see many peoples of differents ethnicities

  • There are more Woman than of men

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