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my first!


Let's go around the world

  1. explore different ways to travel and follow the guide
  2. enjoy listening to English and discover great places
  3. discuss with friends to share your adventures
  4. read stories
  5. take notes
  6. test your knowledge

list the 10 means of transport mentioned in this article


compare and choose which one you'd rather use

explain why

list the countries that speak English

have you enjoyed this visit?

explain what looks most attractive to you

check your vocabuary


do this exercise

if you're happy with your work, send it to me

read this article

make a list of the things that strike you

going underwater

write the list of what Brian Skerry can see every day in this underwater world

can you find Buck Island Reef?

can you explain where The Virgin Islands are?

create the first page of your travelling diary

The Hitchhiker

read the short story

Draw or write a poem about what you like best in New York: the skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, the yellow taxis, the subway…

what sounds really nice about Australia?

capital city: Canberra

26 million inhabitants

14 times bigger than France

what would you like to try?

final tests

Check you have done the work first