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Bachelor Digital Marketing - 2021/2022

English - Mrs Stéphanie COLLIN-MENEGUZZO


Today's programme

Reminder : What we did last session

Today's lesson



Today's programme - details

Press review

In order to prepare the speaking part of the exam some students will have to prepare a presse review for each session

Arts & culture

Job hunting

What we covered the last time :

Digital communication

- Digital communication
- Digital marketing
- Digital project

Press review

The students who had to prepare a press review are :
- Mélusine
- Louis -Tilde
- Marvin

The topics are :
  • Le monde du travail (vu d'une manière générale) : focus sur les pays européens et anglophones
  • L'Europe & la citoyenneté européenne : les institutions politiques européennes
  • L'économie générale : la monnaie, les marchés financiers et la mondialisation
  • La communication digitale : relations publiques, publicités, nouveaux moyens technologiques de communication
  • Arts, culture et patrimoine : histoire, civilisations et sociétés, grands courants de pensées

Introduction : brainstorming

- Do you see a relationship between Language & Culture ?

Doc : Language & Culture

Video : How language shapes the way we think

Questions :

  • What do you understand in this video ?
  • How could we relate these steps to our previous brainstorming excercise ?
  • What are your opinions about the video ?

Doc : Arts & Media - Art survey

Reading comprehension : Léonardo Da Vinci

Vocabulary & Culture

Description vocabulary

Project : groupwork

- Make groups of 2/3 students
- Pick up a picture (painting or photograph) & make a presentation

1 ) Make a general presentation of the picture
- artist : date, genre, short biography, artistic movement...
- artwork : dates, place of exhibition
- support : wood, canvas
- technic : painting, photography
- size

2 ) Description of the picture
- follow a logical order (from left to right, from top to bottom, from general to details)

3 ) Analyse and interprete the artist's choices. Explain the reason why the artist chose the colours, the shapes, the objects, the characters, the atmosphere...

4 ) Explain what you feel when looking at the picture and why does the artwork has such an impact on you


- Read the document
- Let's discuss - questions under the text

History 2

- Do you agree with these quotations ? If not, what is your

opinion about each issue mentioned ?

History 2

- Do you agree with these quotations ? If not, what is your

opinion about each issue mentioned ?

History : groupwork

- Make 3 groups and correct the mistakes of one of the Fact sheet : Around the world, Sports, People

Job hunting : make your CV/resume

Project : Video cover letter

- Make a 2/3 min video

- Introduce yourself
- Give a brief summary about the job advertisement (what job and what company)
- Tell why you are motivated for this job
- What experience and qualities do you have that match the requirements of the job
- Why you are the right candidate
- Be persuasive and enjoy this exercise -

Job interview

- By pairs, practice interview questions


Remember to review what we did today
& Read in English