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Chapter 1 : Gap Year

What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a gap year ?

- The benefits of taking a gap year



- The disadvantages of taking a gap year

or ..

what is a Gap year ?

it's a break after high school and before college that some students take. A gap year is popular in the US and UK, this year is often used by young people to travel but sometimes some use it to work and save money. This year is an opportunity to do or discover a lot of things and also to gain new skills.


With document 2 makes young people want to do a sabbatical year because they expose all the advantages of doing so such as:

- travel the world
-volunteering for example for ecology by picking up waste, taking care of animals in difficulty..
- step outside your comfort zone
-meet new people and maybe make friends with them
-we can save money to buy for example a studio or a car ....


With an article from theguardian , it's a british newspaper , by Sally Williams in 2021: in this document we also have a lot of disadvantages like

- it's expensive ...
- it's a break in studies that can end up discouraging you from resuming studies, no more motivation to resume study day
-doing a gap year requires a great deal of organization at the risk of not fully utilizing this gap year like Daisy who couldn't take advantage of her gap year because of the pandemic

for me, taking a gap year is a good idea because I can acquire skills that I can put in my CV, such as: working in another country or volunteering, These experiences will allow me to stand out in the world of work...

To conclude