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- tourism : Behavioral determinant
- necessary and unnecessary consumption : Behavioral determinants
- Textile : Behavioral determinant
- Water limitation in some countries : Environmental determinants

-1 in 3 people in the world do not have access to drinking water.
-In France, 137 litres of water are consumed per person per day.


- 2000 and 7500 litres per day per tourist.

In Zanzibar, for example, tourists consume 16 times more water than local people, who use an average of only 93.2 litres of water per person per day, compared to 3,195 litres in a 5-star hotel. In the guest rooms, consumption decreases but remains 7 times higher than the average, with 686 liters per day.

Consumption necessary

-A flush consumes 7 liters,
-1 drink 1.5 liters, Kitchen 3 liters
-Shower 5 min 65 liters, Bath 150 liters
- Washing machine 70 liters
- 50 liter dishwasher


-Manufacturing textile dyes = over 126,000 litres of water per second (4,000 billion litres of water per year)

Clothing and textile dyeing:

-It uses between 100 and 150 litres of water per litre of dyed fabric and uses many chemicals that have serious environmental impacts.



-According to the World Bank, the textile industry is responsible for 17 to 20 percent of the world's water pollution.

Limitation in California

In California :

-Replacing 4.6 million m2 of lawn with water-efficient plants

-Restrictions on access to water for some farmers

-Californians must water their gardens on certain days with a drip system

Limitation in Spain

Measures have been taken to save water:

-fountains are turned off

- watering of parks and gardens is limited

-agricultural and industrial use of water is restricted and swimming pools are filled.


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