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the colonization of Australia

Before colonization, Australia was just an island populated by 50,000 natives.

Upon their arrival in the 18th century, the british began the colonization of the island and transformed the Australian colonies into an autonomous parliamentary democracy.

In January 1901 they came together to form the commonwealth australian.

England was the world's leading maritime power in the middle of the 13th century.

Captain James look explores the south seas aboard the Endeavour.

In 1770, James look took possession of the Australian coast and later named it Nouivelle-South Wales.

The consequence of the lossof ito American colonies and the overcrowding that reigned in the prisons is the foundation of a penal colony on earth.

The first fleet consisted of two warships and nime transport ships in 1788 ( 75 prisonners, 210 soldiers and 40 women and children).

The video explains the course and reasons of the English colonization in Australia.
First the English came to put prisoners away from their land and give them forced labor.
More than 165,000 convicts are sent to Australia by the ship calling HULKS.
The first ships arrived at Botany Bay on 20 January 1788.
The condemned had only their clothes at first to work and then they were given yellow and black uniforms in 1880.
The working conditions were very dificult, some condemned tried to dry up but starvation and arborogens killed them.
Convicts who worked well could get a holiday ticket that allowed them to have a proprété and work for themselves.