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Leisure time facilities for teens


Teacher - Natalia Belozorovich

PP1: Middle/High School
7-8 form, Gymnasia №1,
Starye Dorogi.
Minsk Region,



Belarus, Pelesa

The USA, Missouri

Final Project:
Leisure Time Facilities for Teens Around the World

Belarus, Starye Dorogi

Studying all the projects we've got from our partners we came to conclusion although we live in different countries and different communities (big cities and small villages and towns) and we have different facilities, teens love spending their free time almost in the same ways. First of all every school offer their students different afterclass activities. Every community has sport facilities: swimming pools, stadiums and gyms and others. There are also parks and geen zones, where teens often go for a walk with thier friends. Musiums, sights, shopping centers are also popular places. Travelling as usual is a very popular way of spending free time and in every country there are a lot of tourist attrections.