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A Tiny Affordable Home

Design Extended Essay Presentation

Research Question

To what extent can aspects of tiny houses support people on a budget in terms of living in an affordable, comfortable and safe environment?


Personally a home is; somewhere where you can feel like yourself, your own space, where you return to often because of the fond memories you have, and it should not be restricted to a building (Britannica Dictionary). Homelessness however is described as something that “is ultimately caused because an individual or family cannot afford stable or permanent housing” whether it be taking residence in their cars, hotels, streets, canyons and even shelters (Father Joe’s Villages). This essay will look at the restrictions of being homeless whilst analysing examples of feasible solutions so that the best solution can be designed.

Affordable Housing

Cash Flow Forecast


Analysing a made up, though realistic, business model, to properly see what people around the world can afford to pay for and how their budget can help decide what to prioritize in the solution.

Existing Global Examples


Analysing existing examples of people who have found solutions, like for example people who live in a van, or have built themselves a small or temporary home.

Established Companies


Analysing an established company that is known for supporting causes to fight homelessness, and using their design ideas for an element of professionalism in the final solution, would complete the criterion for this analysis altogether.



Whether it be lack of income or just a tight budget, searching for somewhere to stay and call your home, that fits all your personal requirements without making you worry financially, is something that is seemingly relevant worth researching simply because the previously mentioned issue affects so many. Globally, over 150 million people are homeless. To delve further into the category of homelessness, it is not only the people who have been fired from their jobs or have had no luck with stable incomes, this number also includes the refugees at camps, and other people in equally unstable conditions (Brannon). Designing a solution for so many people therefore seems like something that should be done, because it is a global scale issue, and understanding human needs, and how to comply with them on a budget can be seen differently from designers and architects and such.

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