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Personal Diary

Annie Moore

My journey

Dear Diary, First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Annie Moore, I'm 14 years old, I will turn 15 years old soon. I live in Ireland. I have one dad, one mother, two sisters and two brothers.

In 1888, my parents and my two sisters went to live in New-York to flee poverty and to live the “American Dream”. My parents sent me money so that me and my brothers could join them and my sisters.

Monday, December 21st :

The trip will last 12 days at sea. I met lots of passengers today, they were so pleasant. I met a Russian family, they also fled poverty.

Tuesday, December 22nd :

The traveling conditions are extremely difficult, for example coldness, disease, poor hygiene, seasickness.

Friday, December 25th :

I’m so happy, today is Christmas !! For Christmas, I offered a small car to my little brother Phillip, and to my other little brother Anthony : a ball. We celebrated Christmas with the passengers by having a party, we danced like crazy.

Sunday, December 27th :

Today, we are still on board, the journey is so long, the journey is long and boring… I can’t wait to reach New York City. Well..dear diary, I’m going to stop now, I’m going to try to have a rest. I'm not feeling too well.

Thursday, December 31th :

At last !!!! We’ve just arrived in New York City ! There is the Statue of Liberty, it is so big !! It is the symbol of freedom. Oh yes I almost forgot ! It’s almost the start of the year!!! I’m so happy.

Friday, January 1st :

Today is my birthday. I'm so happy, I am 15 years old. I'm a teenager. We arrived at Ellis Island. We had to go through an immigration

office : we had a medical examination and we had to answer questions about us. An officer gave me a 10 dollar coin because I was the first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island. At the kissing post, I found my mother, my father and my two little sisters. I'm so happy, I even had tears of joy, I had missed them so much…

My brothers and me

This is the start of a new life!

See you later !

Here is my family


Video de mon voyage :

New year begins

Annie Moore