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Underwater land

Geographical location, languages...


Geographical location

Indian Ocean

Underwater land

In underwater land, inhabitants speak all languages in the world !

In Underwater land, the sea is hot.

Underwater land is a town under the water.


At underwater land, you can see a lot of splendids fiches and mermaids. The landscape is very impressive !

Ecological town

We build houses with shells.

Sustainable activities

We cultivate vegetables and fruits.

At underwater land, we

use the strength of the waves to convert it into electricity.

Food and means transport

means transport

The inhabitants of underwater land move with the whales, the dolphins, on foot and on bike

At underwater land, they are vegetarien

Important celebration, festivals and sport

They celebrate the parade of fish

Once by month there is a concert

The famous sport is the race of whales and dolphins.

Famous people

It is the shells, they are a group of music and they do music with shells.

Shakira is a famous mermaid in underwater land

Her famous actress is Mimie Mathy.


The fishes are directed by Polochon

The town is directed by Ariel and her husband Eric

Place to visit

At underwater land they have an incredible aquatic parc.

At underwater land you can visit the underwater caves.

At underwater land, they are an amazing mermaid museum.

At underwater land you can go diving with the fishes all the time.