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NEW Vocabulary

These apples are from the last HARVEST!

This is the last time when the settlers could pick apples from the trees.

This boat can't go on the water anymore. It has been DAMAGED. It's broken!

This boat is full!

Look at all the people: it's CROWDED!

There is a MISTRESS and a MASTER onboard of the Mayflower!

These people bring their luggage (=Gepäck) into the harbor!

These people check the boat.

Maybe they must REPAIR something. Maybe something is broken!

These settler are ONBOARD of the Mayflower, which means that they are ON the boat!

Well, what else can you do on a boat?

You can...

.... fall out of the boat, then you go OVERBOARD

... get sick, because the waves of are clinging on ship, then you get SEASICK

... get sick, because of the bad SMELL on the ship

... get lost, when the captain changes his DIRECTION and doesn't go to the new world but to... let's say: India!

This man is a PILGRIM!

He strongly believes in God and came to the US to live his religion!

But where are all the NATIVE AMERICANS in this picture?

The CHIEFS of the Native Americans have signed an AGREEMENT with the European settlers:

>> The settlers can stay and they leave the Native Americans alone! They agreed on that, which means, they were all OK with that!

What do they need all the apples for?

Well, maybe they are celebrating THANKSGIVING to praise the lord and give thanks to him!

Up until today they have a FEAST / party, shot GEESE, DUCKS and other birds with their GUNS and ate them altogether!

GEESE = Gans

DUCK = Ente

GUNS = Waffen