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Help Hermione Granger to find her bag!


Naughty peeves

Hi Ron! How are you?

I’m fine and you? How was your holiday?

I slept every day and I had fun with my friends

Well... that sounds great! Let’s go to our room

I had a great holiday, it was too cool, and you?

Oh! I have read a lot of books.

Good morning dears!

​Click on the key to get access to the first game. The password will be given to you once you have passed the quiz.

Without it you cannot pass.

Good luck!

Wait! There is something strange there ...

Holy cricket! Why did he do that to me?


Let’s see if it is hidden on the Quidditch’s field! We really have to hurry, we have Potion in 15 minutes !!!

Hello Hermione, do you remember your old friend Peeves?

It seems that you bag has... mysteriously disappeared hehehe

You must find it before the sunset! Otherwise, your books will be burned

Good luck miss Granger

Hey you! What are you doing here?

I haven't seen Peeves around the Quidditch field today.

Can you help me to organise the brooms for the next match, please ?

You will win 10 points for your house if you accept!

We don't have much time... but we agree. We'll try to be quick!

Hello Oliver! Have you seen Peeves today? He has hidden my bag so I'm looking for it.

I wouldn't be so sure about that Ron...

Phew! We are lucky, we arrived before Snape!

Are you missing my class today? Do not even talk, I don’t want to hear any lies. Since you allow yourselves to be late, you will have extra work to do. You will make me a Polyjuice Potion.

Holy cricket! It is almost 4 p.m. and we still have not found my bag... I'm getting really nervous!

We really don't have much time left... should we find and talk to professor McGonagall or should we go and have tea with Hagrid?

Oh no, I forgot... In this situation, I'd rather go and talk to Professor McGonagall. We'll find my bag faster! We'll see Hagrid some other time

It's almost time to go to Hagrid's... I hope there's a cake with the tea!

Apparently, you also forgot that today is his birthday. We promised to come and see him...

Let's celebrate Hagrid's birthday!

Let's talk to professor McGonagall!

Good afternoon, Professor!

Well, I am very sorry to bother you.. You see, my bag has been stolen! Could you please help me to find it? I am desperate…

Unfortunately, I am… Peeves told me he would burn my books !!

Good afternoon!

How can I help you?

Dear Mrs Granger… I am sure the mystery can be solved. Are you sure it has been stolen?

Naughty Peeves… Do not worry, I can help you. But before I do, please complete this short task.

Hello Hagrid, happy birthday! How are you today? Busy with the gardening of pumpkins?

Not very well…you see… I am convinced that Peeves has stolen my bag.

He threatened me by saying that he will burn all of my books!

It’s just that…that… I really care about books, stuff like that, the others don’t understand why I am so attached to them…

Oh yes! I am so sorry I haven’t thought of that!

Hey dear one! Very busy indeed. You don’t look so well.

How come?

Poor you, I understand. Don’t look so worried.

Have you been lookin’ in your own bedroom? Maybe under your bed?


You've found Hermione's Bag!