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Dubois Enzo

  • Characterisation of TESLA
  • Problematic
  • The corporate culture
  • conclusion

The detailed plan


Tesla is an electric car brand with artificial intelligence, this company is created by Elon Musk.


Elon Musk is the creator of the tesla brand which is a car brand, this person has become a billionaire thanks to his inventions which allow technological advancement because tesla is one of the different companies managed by Elon Musk since indeed he manages Space x and brand new Twitter.

  • Tesla is a private organsation
  • Tesla produces 100% electric cars
  • Tesla is create in 2003
  • The creator is Elon Musk
  • The capital of Tesla is 86 billions dollars


  • The worforce is 35700 employees
  • The turnover of 2020 is 31 billions $
  • Tesla is organisation united states of america
  • Tesla is a international organisation
  • this organisation is a large company


Does the corporate culture match the personality of the manager?


Encourage employees to support innovation in the automotive and energy sectors.

However, Elon Musk is quite tough with his employees


Tesla has been an innovative company for years they have created vehicles capable of driving alone and anticipating.
Elon musk with his team manages to create an artificial intelligence and many other innovations, such as with space x which allows you to go into space.


Tesla is a company really rigourous because the boss leaves nothing to chance and seeks perfection that's why his vehicle are as well finished aesthetically and mechanically


The corporate culture of Tesla


ELON MUSK is the model of his employer he is guided while being with them.Because indeed paternalism is when employers do not want to disappoint their employer because there is a form of father-child relationship

In addition, Elon Musk pushes them a lot to work, until exhaustion because the work must be done to perfection because nothing is left to chance

For him, his employees do not have the right to make mistakes


To conclude Elon Musk in order to be the most at the cutting edge of technology, is quite unpleasant with his employees who respect him as their father, hence paternalistic governance.

In the end, it corresponds well to the personality of the manager who is Elon Musk who is a person who sets goals and makes every effort to achieve them