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How to be a better ecocitizen ?

5 advices in order to save the planet

why take care of our planet ?

Our planet is slowly dying and will make us go into the grave with her, so to save our life and our home we have to improve our way to live

Use a personal water bottle

when you go picknicking, hiking, to school or camping with family or friends instead of using plastic cups you should use a personal bottle to avoid plastic waste

consume more local

buy local food (vegetables, meat)
buy to local craftsman (home furniture or to a nurseryman)

Use solar panel

solar panel are a good way to consume less and it's greener they are quite expensive at the moment however on long term they can even make you save money!!


you should take short shower instead of bath to save water

sort your old objects

you should sort your old unused object and only keep the worth using ones and giveaway/sold the ones you dont want anymore

thanks for listening we hope our little pieces of advice will be useful

do it for you, for us, for our future and for our planet.