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02 Background

01 About Dave

03 Society

04 Sacerfaces and opertoneties

06 The dave effect

05 Mental health

Compare and contrast the two songs "Pshyco drama" and We're all alone", and research how the portray growing up in a multicultural society.

All my life I know my mum's been working

In and out of nursing, struggling, hurting
I just find it fucked that the government is struggling
To care for a person that cares for a person
So where's the discussion on wages and budgets?
How they made them redundant when I was a young'un
The letters in our car said my mum was overdraft
But somehow I still had dinner money in my pocket
And even the little things like ordering pizza
Were probably the reason for overtime in the evening
Five till ten, six hours of sleeping
For twenty-two years my mum was doing the cleaning
Dreaming that her kids would have a better life
Go in bed at night, struggling with getting by
That's the reality for millions of people in a nation
Where a lot of us were looking for a second try

A question for the new Prime Minister

And please, tell me if I'm being narrowminded
But how do we spend so much money on defence
And weapons to wage war when the NHS is dying?
Bursting at the seams, and what about them people
That voted for us to leave for the money that it would see?
350 million we give to the EU every week
That our health service needs
But now them politicians got what they wanted
Can you see an empty promise or a poster on the street?

Nurses in tears 'cause they're working every hour of the week

And they still don't have the money that they need
You brought the heart of the nation to its knees
Underpaid, understaffed, overworked
And overseen by people who can't ever understand
How it feels to live life like you and me
Patients lying in the corridors
'Cause doctors can't even find a bed for them to sleepI remember A&E and all them sickening screams
Of a little girl waiting for a surgeon to be seen
Privatized healthcare, guns for police
Increased uni fees, is this what they're selling us?
Well, let me remind you just in case you've forgotten
That we live in Great Britain, not in Donald Trump's America




01 One

Mom nursing

02 Two

Economical, financal issues

03 Three

Societys burnout

04 Four

Politicans lack of helping and caring

05 Five


About Dave

Santan dave is a artist who wanted to presue the dream of him studying archetechture. If not archetechture then lawschool. He wanted to be Harvey Spector. It is easy to say he always had high ambitions and high hopes.

born 5 June 1998

British rapper, musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor.
Dave has gained acclaim for his socially conscious lyricism and wordplay, and is among the most recognised rappers in the world.

Santan Dave

Santan dave, David Orobosa Omoregie, Dave


Santan Dave is a Nigerian brit, living in Brixton, Angell town, in the early stages of his life. His father was a pastor and his mother a nurse. Daves's father was deported when Dave was only a few months old. Dave, later on, moved to Streatham Brixton when he turned 11. His two big brothers were in and out of jail. When he was 11 was his older brother Christopher sent to jail, the maximum punishment life in jail. Gang murder, Dave taught himself everything, taught himself piano and guitar, and rap, poesy, and rhymes.

Dave studied law, ethics, and politics, he even secured a spot in law school at De Monfort University. He did not attend due to the desire of furthering his music career.

Dave grew up poor and in a bad society, a society that did not get the help it needed from the British government. A city where it was all about survival, fight or flight, and a place with limited resources. Dave saw the trauma and the helplessness and the tension in his hometown and still, the politicians were not doing anything to stop it. this is what led him to his desire to pursue music

Santan Dave

Santan dave


Daves hisotry




Daves life changed


Hard study


Start of the music career


Becomes sceptic of hte goverment, becoming woke


Release of psychodrama, album


Release of we are all alone, album



Map 2018


Dave on the song hangman

"A viewpoint of the world and just say what I think and what I see"

Santan Dave