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Topic 7:

Axe 1 : Vivre entre générations


Mrs Lucchi's English class

Today's intergeneration

Of course, it's not just the young who can learn from the old.
Intergenerational relationships can provide many benefits for everyone involved.
This ad is an example of interaction that can help transform the lives of people of any age.

It's your turn to write an ad. Then, read it to your classmates and vote for the best one !

Describe the picture.

What does she want to achieve ?

Why do people worry so much about their age ?

Step 1: I don't want to grow up !

Read the lyrics of the song:

1. How old is the narrator ?

2. Sort the difficulties he sees in adulthood into 4 categories.

3. What do the picture and the song have in common ?

4. How do you feel about growing up and getting older ?

Step 1: I don't want to grow up !

Given that the narrator of the song mentions not wanting to grow up, not wanting to leave his/her room, and his parents fighting, we may infer that he/she is a teenager.

He/she refuses to grow up because of all the difficulties he/she will be faced with.
- Financial issues : s/he wishes s/he did not have to get a loan/ borrow money from a bank.
- Love life : s/he wishes s/he didn't have to get married, fall in love and have children when s/he saw her/his parents fighting.
- Identity : s/he wishes s/he did not have to conform to society, losing his/her identity to be a good boy scout.
- Physical appearance : s/he doesn't want her/ his hair to fall out and work her/his fingers to the bone.
Both documents deal with the question of age. Yet the first one only seems to tackle the issue of appearance whereas the second one also deals with all the responsibilities one has to face when growing up. To conclude, in both documents age is seen as something negative; it is seen as a burden.

Creative writing

Imagine 5 reasons why growing up can be difficult and rewrite a paragraph of the song.

1. Describe the two pictures.
2. List their differences and their commun points.
3. How do these pictures illustrate the quote ?

In the first picture, we can see an old man skateboarding while sipping a fresh drink. He is wearing a beanie hat, a shirt over a T-shirt, rolled-up jeans and a pair of Vans. He looks cool. He seems to be looking at us, maybe to tell us that he is still alive and having fun.

In the second picture, we can see a young girl – probably in her early twenties – wearing a unicorn costume. She might be a cosplayer. She is turned towards us and is looking at us. She is smiling as if she wants to share her joy with us, the beauty of the mountain landscape she is facing.

Obviously, in terms of age, gender and activity, the two characters are quite different. He is skateboarding whereas she is hiking. Nevertheless, they show the same positive attitude towards life. One should enjoy it to the fullest. That’s why we can say that these pictures illustrate the quote quite well. Age does not matter. Age is just a number; what matters is your soul.

Step 2 : Does age really matter ?

The singer is talking to his lover.

He knows he will lose his hair when he is 64. He knows that one day he will be bald, and that his general physical appearance is going to change, the loss of his hair being just an example. He will enjoy life with his loved one, he will still go partying, but he will also enjoy doing simple things that might seem boring, such as house chores and menial tasks.

He will be surrounded by his loved ones; love and family will be the basis of his happy future.

Step 3 : When I'm Sixty-Four

Le Futur dans les subordonées temporelles

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