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A Presentation of Nigeria



By alicia and luiza

01 Quick Overview

02 Ethnic groups

03 Languages

04 Religions

05 Sources


Quick overview over Nigeria

• A country in West Africa

• covers an area of 923,769 square kilometres
• Population of over 211 Million
• A federal republic comprising 36 states
• Capital: Abuja

Ethnic groups

of Nigeria

Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups, the most politically influential being Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Kanuri, Ibibo and Tiv


of Nigeria


of Nigeria

According to estimations from 2018, Nigeria's major religion is Islam. Over half of the population is estimated zo be Muslim. Christian religions make up less than half.

Religious beliefs, identities and practices are very public social markers and animate everyday behaviours.

Religious organizations play a big role.

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