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Make a list of useful phrases in an argumentative essay.

Write down phrases to ...

1. introduce the topic of discussion

2. list arguments

3. present counter-arguments

4. express your own opinion

5. conclude your argumentative essay

Compare your own list with the phrases here and add words and phrases you find useful to your own list.

Let's do some exercises on writing an argumentative essay:

1. workbook, p. 45 no. 3

2. textbook, p. 82 no. c

3. a fully written argumentative essay on "Students shouldn't be allowed to use their phones at school"

Hand in one written argumentation by the end of the lesson

Find 3-5 good topics for an argumentative essay with regard to social media issues.

Find out how you write an argumentative essay.

Study the Skills File in your textbook on p. 147 closely.

Make a cheat sheet with the most important steps you must take and aspects you have to remember.