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Social Insurance in Germany

Student: Wedekind, Katharina
4th Semester


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Who has to pay?


benefits and Co.


about me

Katharina Wedekind

4th semester

20 years
financial insurance management

social security assists in emergency situations


emergency situations

old age

need for nursing care

work accident



rules are set by the state

first idea

William the first in a ground breacking letter


"..those who are disabled from work bei age and invalidity have a well-grounded claim to care from the state."


employee insurance scheme

Otto von Bismarck : driving force behind this way

health insurance


accident insurance




insure themselves by law against the consequences of invalidity und old age


government continued to expand the social security

social insurance
for salaried employees







long-term care insurance


offers protection and assistance in the event of workplace accidents or job-related illnesses

    work accident insurance

    also covers school-age childeren and students

    - payments for medical treatment

    - benefits and services to aid your reintegration into the workforce
    - compensation for you and your dependents

    almost everyone ist required to contribute
    14.6% of your gross salary
    split equally between you and your employer

      health insurance

      automatically qualifies you for sickness benefits and maternity benefity

      - most medical costs

      - hospital treatments
      - dental care
      - medicines

      almost everyone ist required to contribute
      anyone who has health insurance is automatically covered

        nursing care insurance

        3.05% of your gross income
        split equally between you and your employer

        -covers you in the event of your needing care due tomold age, accicent or illness

        almost everyone ist required to contribute
        2.4% of your gross salary
        shared by you and your employer

          unemployment insurance

          voluntary unemployment contribution, if you are:
          self-employed for at least 15 hours a week
          employed outside Germany in a non-EU country
          pm a course of occupational further training
          on parental leave beyond the child´s 3rd birthday

          -are used to provide unemployment benefits to anyone who is out of work

          almost everyone ist required to contribute
          18.7% of your gross income
          split equally between you and your employer

            pension insurance

            if you are self-employed, you can choose whether to opt into the pension insurance scheme or start a private pension plan

            -your contributions build up to provide you with a basic provision for your retirement

            you as an employee

            Who has to pay?

            your employer will register you

            than you will pay a percentage of your gross income
            in most cases your employer has to contribute too
            you split the percentage

            in the work accident insurance only your employer has to pay a percentage for you

            you as a self-employeded worker

            most self-employed workers are not compulsorily insured with the insurance
            they can change about private insurance or state insurance

            artists, journalists, publishing professionals are members of state insurance and must go through the Artists´Social Welfare Fund

            some self-employed workers have to join the state pension system

            part-time and low-income workers

            if you work less than 50 days or 2 months a year
            earn less than EUR 450 per month

            not pay German social security but do have to register for health insurance

            benefits and allowances

            • are available for anyone on a lower income to help them cover basic subsistence costs

              housing benefit

              child benefits

              maternity benefits


              the German government provides housing benefits to those who have lower incomes

              housing benefit

              can either be rent support, for tenants who are renting, or mortgage and home upkeep support, for those who own a house

              to support parents with the costs of raising a child

              child benefits

              providing the kids with food, clothing, education

              for six weeks before and at least 8 weeks after childbirth

              maternity benefits

              if you aren´t covered by a statutory insurance scheme, you can also claim benefit from the Federak Insurance Office

              to support them during the first months of their child´s life

              parental allowance

              the benefit offset loss of earnings

              if you are unable to work due to illness, you will be covered by for up to 78 weeks

              sickness benefit

              anyone who contributes to a statutory health insurance scheme

              if your child falls ill, you are legally entitled to take time off work to take care of them

              child sickness benefit

              some employers will continu paying, if not, your public health insurance provider will step in

              there are many tax-fress allowances

              tax credits

              like including costs for childcare or education and statutory insurance contributions

              Any questions?

              Thanks for

              your attention

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