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Research ideas

Attachment types

Why do some people have an easier time staying in relationships than others?

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What is love?

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War in Ukraine

Should Germany supply weapons to Ukraine?

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Lust, attraction, and companionship


1) Find your team (max. 4 people).
2) Research your topic and find a discussion question that you want to discuss on May 6.
3) Find pro and con arguments.

1) What makes a good discussion? Let's collect evaluation criteria.
2) Practice discussion phrases.

1) Have your discussions (7-8 min. per group)
2) Give each other feedback.
3) Receive a grade.

April 29

May 6

May 4




Put in the names of your group members as well as your discussion question here.

What is a better way to grade you?

Suggestion A

Suggestion B

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