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Englisch, 8a, April 29, 2022

Writing a summary
– part 2

Today's class

1. Warm-up

2. Review: Your summaries

3. Next try: Writing another summary



Translate the following sentences.

(3) Ich freue mich aufs Wochenende.

(1) Ich hatte schöne Osterferien.

(2) Ich schreibe gerne Zusammenfassungen.

I had nice Easter holidays.

I like writing summaries.

I look forward to the weekend.

Review: Your summaries


Common mistakes (häufige Fehler):

Present tense! She said --> She says
They took --> they take
Alex, Sheila and Jason went --> A., S. and J. go

– Keine wörtliche Rede! "I promise, Mom," Jason said.
Jason promises his Mom to take good care of his sister.

Relevante Handlung kurz zusammenfassen!
the boat is called Mary Anne, the boat is five meters long, the boys hang out together on the weekends, ...


The short story "Adventure at the Niagara Falls" was written by an unknown author and published by the Ernst Klett Verlag in 2017. The story is about three young people going on a boat trip on the Niagara River.

The three young people are called Jason, Andy and Sheila. As a gift for Jason's birthday they go on a boat trip on the Niagara River. Everything is fine until the boat hits a rock. The boat starts to fill with water and turns over. All three of them fall into the water. Sheila thinks they are going to die. Luckily there is a big boat nearby. The people on that boat throw them life belts and Sheila and Andy get rescued.

The end of the story is open because we don't know what happens to Jason.

Next try: Writing another summary


Read and summarize the article "How blind people use the internet.

Blindes surfen? Mit bestimmten Hilfsmitteln funktioniert das auch im Internet.