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In 1994, the city of Shadyside know a new murder night as 1978 (part 2) and 1666 (part 3). A high school student, Heather Watkins, is killed by her friend, Ryan, who work in the same shopping center as her. He wore a costume from his shop when he killed Heather. The sheriff, Nick Goode, came and killed the murderer.

Fear Street



Some students think it's because of Sarah Fier who did witchcraft in 1666.

Nick Goode

A horror film

Deena Johnson don't believe in witches whereas her brother, Josh, is convince. Before this, she argued and was separed to her bestfriend Samantha but she met two others friends: Simon and Kate. At a vigil in Sunnyvale (Shadyside's twin city) in memory of the victims of the Shadyside Mall tragedy, Deena finds Sam determined to talk with her. She is interrupted by a fight between the students of the two citys. On the way back, a car with Sam and some guys with the murderer costume follow the bus. Deena throw an ice pot on the car but it create an accident and Sam goes to the hospital.

Fear Street






Sam reveal that she saw the witch before the

ambulance took her.

The next night, Deena and her friends are harassed by the one they think is Sam's boyfriend wearing the killer's costume. But when they visit Sam at the hospital, Peter (Sam's boyfriend) is killed with some hospital employees by a already seen murderer .

After knowing the vision of Sam, the group discovered that the accident pertubed the tomb of Sarah Fier, the witch and that Sam bled on her bones. They also discovered that the murderers only wants Sam because of her blood.

Later, they discovered that in the past, a women was killed and resuscitated and all the murderers disappear. They tried with Sam but the murderers didn't disappear.

Fear Street

(the villain)

Deena Johnson

Simon Kalivoda


Kate Schmidt

Samantha Fraser

(the hero)

(the hero)

(a sidekick)

(a sidekick)

(the geek)

Cindy Berman


Thomas Slater

Christine Berman

Nick Goode

(a sidekick)

(the villain)


(the hero)

(the hero)


(a sidekick)

Sarah Fier

Solomon Goode

Hannah Miler




(a sidekick)

(a sidekick)

(a sidekick)

(a sidekick)

(the hero)

(the villain/ antihero)





You break into a cold sweat!

You get caught up in the story!

Give it a try!

That' my thing!

I have been watching it with my cousins in the evening and we've been terrified for the whole night.

You easily get into the story and you want to know what's next!