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by Janna Dorn

season 1


The ones we love have the

power to inflict the greatest
scars. For what thing is more fragile than the human heart ?




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  • Netflix series since december 2020
  • Based on the books of Julia Quinn
  • historical romance series
  • Features 7,500 costume pieces
  • scoring 63 million viewers
  • one of Netflix most popular series

Facts :

  • 8 family members
  • deceased father
  • oldest family member: Anthony
  • youngest family member : Hyacinth
  • Anthony is the head of the family as the oldest son

Family Bridgerton

  • 5 family members
  • Lord Featherington died during season 1
  • secure money to save their faces from the high society
  • Penelope is best friends with Eloise

Family Featherington

  • Simon
  • Mother died at his birth
  • first and only child
  • bad realationship with father
  • doesnt want kids

Duke of Hastings

  • popular and admired anonymous writer
  • dont know her real identity in season 1
  • knows everything about everybody
  • Eloise and Penelope try to find her real identity

Lady Whistledown

What happend

in Bridgerton season 1 ?

  • Daphne made her debut in front of the Quenn
  • Daphne and Simon were seen alone in the garden
  • Forced to a hasty marriage to save Daphne's reputation
  • Marriage starts perfekt
  • Fight about having children together

Summary Season 1

  • Simon finally opend up to Daphne

  • End of season 1 and beginning of season 2 they have a huge surprise

Summary Season 1

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