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eTwinning 2021-2022


Calling for Earth Heroes

School year 2021-2022


A cry for help

A monster has kidnapped Earth and locks her in a castle!

He send a little owl with a map and a message to many schools with what they can do to save it. Click the link on the map to see all the schools that answered the call!
The children became Earth Heroes and had the mission to set Earth free.

meet them

NETIQUETTE and e-Safety are of most importance! Through video and activities, we made sure that the kids understand the dengers the internet might hide and how to use it for learning and fun.

We also made a list for teacher tasks, with the use of GoogleDocs, in order to organish our project.

First things first





Creating project pages

Margarida Paim

Evanthia Panayi

Facebook group

Margarida Paim

WhatsApp group

Evanthia Panayi

Pre Survey for teachers about project and presentation of results

Ekaterina Spasova

Pre Survey for students about project

Irena Mikusek

Presentation of results for students pre survey

Evanthia Panayi

Padlet for presentation of our students

Ioanna Stamou

Team presentation video

Margarida Paim

Logo presentation video

Maria Petrou

Logo Contest (voting and presentation of results)

Dimitra Aggelakoudi

Padlet or similar app for our activities of the presentation of the problem in our classes

Effi Kiriazidou

Ebook for monster and his name

Nafiye Sıcacık

CodeWeek activity - 9th to 24th of October (create a project event)

Theodora Avgeri

padlet or similar app for our activities for Code Week

Ana Montero
Carolina Tudela

Padlets or other similar app for the STEAM Challenge (1rst to 6th)

1rst challenge: Fatma YAŞA

2nd challenge: Başak Yılmaz

3rd challenge: Kleopatra Mantzourani

4th challenge: Stavroula Alexiou

5th challenge: Ioanna Stamou

6th challenge: Maria Stamataki

Padlet or other similar online app for supporting materials for the impact of climate change on animals

Evanthia Panayi

Ebook/ video/ virtual exhibition with all birdhouses

Başak Yılmaz

Genially: Animals in distress, January’s collaborative work

Evanthia Panayi

Virtual exhibition: Nature Art Gallery, January’s collaborative activity

Barbara Trivelli

Padlet or other similar online app for supporting materials for the impact of climate change on the plants around us

Alicia Pérez

Padlet or other similar online app for supporting materials for water pollution

Natalia Czerwiec

Wakelet with all water filters

Barbara Trivelli

Collaborative history - STORIES FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA - eBook

Dorina Topan

Selection of title for our Stories from the bottom of the sea.

Red Team: Ανθούλα Ζήση

Yellow Team: Stavroula Alexiou

Purple Team: Anania Oana

Green Team: Şükran Yenigelen

Blue Team: Dorina Topan

Padlet or other similar online app for supporting materials for reduce-reuse-recycle

Zissi Anthoula

Presentation of all experiences "How to make recycled paper" - Wakelet

Fatma YAŞA

Virtual exhibition with all superheroes made from recycled materials

Maria Petrou

Ebook/ video/ virtual exhibition with all keys

Margarida Paim

Final Teachers Evaluation questionnaire and analysis of results

Lidija Grobenski

Marija Tisanić

Final Students Evaluation questionnaire and analysis of results


Carolina Gómez

Parental Evaluation questionnaire and analysis of results

Εleni Eleftheriadou

Eleni Holidou

Organize online meetings (teacher e students)

Margarida Paim

Evanthia Panayi

Preparation Student Certificate

Merve Aksoy

Teacher final

certificate, dissemination


WORLD WATER DAY-22nd of March

(create an event, make a poster) -I will put all the posters together into an ebook or video

Carolina Gomez

We celebrate "Earth Day" April 22 - I will put all the events (pictures) together

Anabela Aguiar

Virtual exhibition of all phases of the project.

Maria Petrou

Interactive image collecting collaborative activities

Barbara Trivelli

Collaborative dance video “Earth! We live in together”:organising the task and editing the final video.

Alicia Pérez

Ana Montero

Edit curriculum integration page


Poll for collaborative story

Anthoula Zissi

Collaborative Puzzle Booklet For Earth Day

Şükran Yenigelen

The adventure begins

We begin our journey with excitement! All partner schools make creative suggestions for the project logo. Through voting, our Earth Heroes choose the one they liked the most!

Each teacher introduced the problem to her pupils with a unique way!

But how does this monster look like?
The kids used their imagination and draw the monster the way they thought it might look like. A collaborative monster was created by each partner school!

We learned about our planet through many supporting materials that we shared.

Project logo


STEAM Challenges

To save the Earth our Heroes and Heroines must solve 6 STEAM challenges, one per month, leading to six puzzle pieces for the castle key.

"The dance of Earth Heroes" succesfully completed where all partners have earned a Certificate of Exellence.

1st Challenge

We created a superhero from recyclable materials.

6th Challenge

We learned the 3 R (Reuse- Reduce-Recycle). For this challenge, we made our own recycled paper.

5th Challenge

Water is precious for human beings, animals and plants. We learned about water polution and made a water filter.

4th Challenge

We learned about plans and trees. We planted seeds and learned what they need to grow,

3rd Challenge

We carried out an experiment

and learned about what happens
to different household waste when deposited on land.

2nd Challenge

Code week

We learned how to take care of the animals and we builded a nest or birdhouse for the little owl.




The Earth is free at last!

We worked hard, learned a lot and had fun!

We played several online games, created for this project, took part in many collaborative activities and contactide experiments so that we can learn how to take care of our planet.
All project partners had a close communication through out the project, not only through scheduled meetings, but also through our what's app group. We posted our progress on Twinspace and on our facebook page.
Each school celebrated Earth Day and set the Earth free! We had a final student meeting to say a final goodbye to all this amazing Earth Heroes!

Thank you!

We can all become Earth Heroes!
Our planet needs to be protected and nature deserves our respect.
As Chief Seattle said:
"The Earth does not belong to us.
We belong to the Earth".