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Tapas are really popular in Spain. Las tapas son muy típicas en España.

Many times you will see napkins thrown on the floor at restaurants and bars in Spain, especially in Madrid. This is a good sign! This means that people are enjoying themselves! Spanish phrases: -La cuenta por favor. -¿Me pones dos cervezas/una copa de vino, por favor?

It's always recommended to enter bars and restaurants that are full in Spain! Words to know: Palabras para conocer -La gente -Uno/a, dos, tres, cuatro/a, cinco/a personas Phrases to know: -Hay mucha gente (there are many people)

Sangria is very typical in Spain. It's made with wine, soda, and pieces of delicious fruit. La sangría es muy típica en España. Está hecha de vino, refrescos, y trozos de fruta deliciosa. Words to know: Palabras para conocer: -La fruta (las frutas) -La manzana (las manzanas) -La naranja (las naranjas) -La canela Sentences Frases: -¿Me pones una copa de sangría por favor? -Muchas gracias

There are different kinds of wine in Spain. There are international grape varieties, but Spain is also proud of their native grapes that grow within the country. Some popular wines include: Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Albariño. Sherry is a popular fortified wine.