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Marketing Strategy

  • Teamwork
  • Profis
  • zielorientiert
  • Made in Germany
  • Great Management
  • smart
  • sympatisch
  • strict
  • powerful ideas
  • open minded
  • emotional
  • love challenges
  • selbstbewusst
  • agil
  • flexibel
  • FUN
  • Mutig
  • Love what we do
  • Fair
  • Real
  • Honest
  • Detailverliebt
  • Multikulturell
  • Qualitätsverliebt
  • Kreativ


1. Analytic Marketing

- Audience

- Competitors Analysis


2. Strategic Marketing

- KPI's

- SMART Marketing Goals

3. Operational Marketing

- Inbound Marketing



- Outbound Marketing

- Offline Marketing

- Email Marketing

4. Economic Plan

- Contingency Plan

- Start-up Plan

1. Analytic Marketing

- Audience (target & buyer persona)






. Western Brands(EU, Latin America and North America)

. Need to produce

. Complements its collections with external designs (our White Label)

. Micro influencers or Artist of limited scope who meet the minimum production requirements (White Label customized - not extra costs)

. Wants to change supplier due to deficiency in quality and service

. Want to change supplier due to ideology (covid- Ukrainian war)

. Search for resources through Google (92%) or Bing (3%)

. Verify information in Social Networks

We should avoid audiences with the following characteristics:

. The segment of the population without social influence

. Micro - influencers without high purchasing power

. Brand ambassadors who want to create their own brand (this sector asks for a lot of information, only to end up with no resources)

. Curious audience (we must be very determined with the information we offer to avoid this segment that can exhaust our resources)

Find posible partners:

- creating a strategy to find partners to help us scale up

shopify - spotify

Find competitors or similar business strategies:


the right name is OKc. GmbH & Co. KG

The fashion group seems to be the fashion part of the agency.


We are part of the Fashion Group and work side by side with a team of fashion designers, product managers, graphic designers, 3D designers, producers and other professionals in the industry. We know the market and have the competence to cover the complete process of the fashion industry.

If you are interested or need support in other areas, please contact us or directly our colleagues from the respective areas.

- Brandorphin --> branding and content

- Studio 119 --> pattern and prototypes

- The Room x --> Digital fashion space

- Competitors analysis

. Production






Quick Facts About Clothing Manufacturing in Turkey

–Fashion segment revenue accounts for more than €1.2 Billion.
–Turkish textile exports exceed €10 Billion.
–Some of the largest fabric dyeing companies are based in Turkey.









+ Little content but very concrete and determined

+ Quite a lot of content with a lot of photography

+ Very decisive content

+ Little content but but they put a lot of emphasis on minimums and lead times.

+ Research and Development

+ Prototypes and Sampling

+ Design

+ Production – Sourcing, factory, production control, quality check and delivery

+ Supply chain management

+ Production – sampling, cutting, embroidery, sewing

+ Idea

+ design

+ sample (1 or 2 weeks). + manufacturing (3-4 weeks)

+ shipment

+ Production - Cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, ironing and packaging

+ Production

+ Pattern

+ Prototyping

+ 2 Own brands

+ Sedex, BSCI


+ Sedex, BSCI, ICS




+ Google cloud

+ Google cloud

+ Google cloud



F, I, T and Li



In general they have a more dedicated website, social networks and a lot of online marketing work.

- HUMAN B - https://humanb.com

.Web: a lot of content, very well done explained. Call to actions, forms,…

.Blog: fashion business information, advise, guidance and education for fashion brands

.Services: product development, production services (network of factories), fashion design, consulting

.Marketing: google cloud, Facebook campaigns and banners

.Social networks: t, f, YouTube channel, Ins, link, Pinterest

Internal Strengths

Internal Weaknesses




The factory

First to cover the market

Global economy


Years of experience

Impulsive decision by fans

Client skepticism and mistrust



Change of mentality due to the current situation



Professionals in different fields

2. Strategic Marketing

- Let's name some initial KPI's and SMART goal




- Page Rank

- Clicks per day

- Leads (CRM)

- Loading speed

- Shared Posts


- Customer Satisfaction

- Concurrence (collections)

3. Operational Marketing

- I want to focus the strategy on creating content, having a good digital presence and executing the Inbound Marketing methodology.





  • We will not do outbound marketing in short term.
  • Create a fake facebook account to spy competitors.
  • Subscribe to competitors' newsletters with a fake account.
  • Use Facebook ad library to know competitor's campaigns.

  • Business cards.
  • Stickers (Logo)
  • Flyers & Roll ups (in case of exhibiting at a trade fair).
  • Sales department directly with own connections or MQL.

  • CRM (HubSpot) - we have enough with the free version.
  • Create an email network according to the qualification of the leads obtained.
  • Maintenance and customer care mail
  • Newsletter - someday



  • Positioning
  • Image optimization
  • Keywords (Evaluate and create synonyms)
  • Semantics
  • Descriptions (no duplicate content)
  • Internal linking (call to action)
  • Production (TheOneTextile)
  • WhitLabel name
  • Structure (good for testing how it is but we need to be in constant review)
  • TheOneFashion

- OffPage

- OnPage


  • Copy writer (get inspiration from WGSN platform)

    1. interview to our clients

    2. Fashion related to artist

    3. Curiosities about fashion

    4. Fashion Fears

    5. Fashion – City

    6. Outfit – Celebrities

    7. Fashion – music

    8. Age generations - fashion behavior.


+Facebook & Instagram


  • Very simple, it shows the photos of the collections, preparing the profile to be able to make campaigns later on.


  • Very corporate and explanatory. Informing of all the services following the order of the web. Here we can focus more on the factory and upload posts related to it.
  • Announcements and career


- Take advantage of our direct contacts (clients) and indirect contacts (followers of our clients) to get followers and external indexations to our website and blog.

  • Content aggregators:

Blogs of great public relevance. It is necessary to communicate directly via email or telephone.



  • Create some google campaigns once we have relevant content that helps positioning and gives visibility (it must be elaborated and segmented once we have traffic and we can analyze the KPI’s).


4. Economic Plan

To carry out this initial marketing strategy with satisfaction we would need an intern or junior (part-time) with the following skills:

For an optimal elaboration of the audiovisual content it would be convenient (if possible) to invest in the following material:

- Start-up Plan



  • Graphic design
  • Skills in Adobe (illustrator, photoshop, premier, audition and lightRoom)
  • Copy writer
  • Content creator
  • Film maker

  • Mobile with a good photo and video camera (iPhone 13 pro Max – 1249€)
  • Cover (50€) -Logo - sticker
  • Gimbal (iSteady + - 109€)(DjI OM 5 - 159€) - done
  • Microphone (Video Mic Me-L - 86,95€)
  • Bluetooth micro (Rode wireless Go II - 195€)
  • Headphones (200€)
  • Led ring (CXYP Ring Light set – 102,99€)
  • 360º Photo Booth ( from 2000€) - Campaigns
  • Stickers, roll ups.
  • WGSN platform - done
  • Creative cloud - done

- Videos created with personal mobiles (if we really want a good quality of both audio and video, this option is not advisable).
- Investing only in the microphone and gimbal
- We will create the posts ourselves in illustrator
- Video editing with online tools
- Blog post creation with Fiverr

- Contingency Plan



A compelling YouTube strategy with interesting and engaging content, not informative videos.







- Short video showing The One Fashion's collaboration with the artist (<20s).

- We use the artist's existing content. We need to create TOF visual content (brand image).

- The goal is to create content of expectation so that the artist can share it and give us visibility.

- Tools: iMovie, A premierePro

- Dynamic video edited with very short spots (final interview with the artist, the answers will be

interspersed throughout the video) (2m - 3m).

- The goal is to capture the essence of the entire production process and the time shared with the

artist. We have to show that creating the brand with TOF is more than that, it is a unique, pleasant and

enjoyable experience.

1. StoryTelling: Presentation - content – outcome

2. Tech – Script: definition of spots, duration, camera cuts, etc ...

- Tools: iMovie, A premierePro, Adobe Audition.

- Music video with the same content as the making of without the interview scenes (<1m).

- The goal is to create visual content for the web, blog, etc ... and for the artist to share it (if

he/she is a musician we would use his/her own music).

- Collection campaign (3m -5m).

- It can be a video composed of photos or videos.

- Tools: Adobe Lightroom, A premier Pro

- Video event /life situation / normal tasks about the team --> like a reality show

- Every video has its main characters

- Dynamic video edited with very short spots (initial interview with the artist, the answers will be

interspersed throughout the video) (<5m).

- The goal is to capture the essence of the entire production process and the time shared with the

artist. We have to show that creating the brand with TOF is more than that, it is a unique, pleasant and

enjoyable experience.

1. StoryTelling: Presentation - content – outcome

2. Tech – Script: definition of spots, duration, camera cuts, etc ...

- Tools: iMovie, A premierePro, Adobe Audition.

First video - capturing the cultural diversity of the team (atypical presentation of all talents) - mother



1. TheOneFashion Feed

- The focus of the feed is very visual, not informative.

- We should avoid all the production part and focus on fashion branding agency.

- Own quality photos and collaborations with artists.

- I would not create any campaign until we have a strong brand positioning.

- avoid illustrations and announcements

eight hours day - example 1


- Overview of TheOne Fashion.

2. Our WhitLabel Feed

- Harmony (or WhiteLine) should be treated as a fashion brand.

- All collections will be displayed in a very functional and visual way.

- We will treat this feed as a portfolio together with the website.

- The idea is to attract major brands to buy our Whit label brand designs.

- Create a fan community large enough to be able to sell to B2C someday.

- Duplicate post from Instagram.

- Only TheOne Fashion




  • Lives in frankfurt
  • Is a musician
  • Has a large influence and followers
  • Wants to create a fashion brand
  • Has a general idea but needs to be able to translate it into reality
  • He has no time and is looking for a complete solution (creation - production - delivery)
  • He is always connected to social networks (facebook&instagram)
  • Likes to make his own decisions but always looks for advice
  • Hes dream is to scale his brand


  • Lives in london
  • She is an stylist and has a large network of followers
  • Already has a fashion brand
  • Produces small quantities but wants to expand
  • Has neither time or knowledge of production stages
  • She is not a designer, she only made printings but now she wants a complete collection (last trends)
  • She is quite egocentric and hard to surprise
  • Has a personal blog
  • She is always looking for trends on social networks, especially on Instagram and Pinterest
  • She is entrepeneur and likes to make her own decisions


  • Lives in berlin
  • Is still in college and studying graphic design
  • Wants to set up her own brand with her graphic designs
  • Doesn't know about fashion
  • Doesn't have much influence, moreover, he finds it difficult to relate to others
  • He is the son of a very influential person with high purchasing power
  • He has a private instagram account
  • He relates mostly at his father's events
  • His decisions are subject to his father's acceptance.