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The city LEEDS

by Snytia Borowik


Leeds is approximately 310 km north-west of London. The city is on the River Aire.




In 2022 there are around 798,786 people in Leeds right now, which is 84,664 more inhabitants than 22 years ago.


this castel is over 900 years old

in this museum are animals and arts

Dating back to the 21st century is Leeds' tallest building, Bridgewater Place, a 32-storey skyscraper.

Kent Castle

Leeds City Museum

The highest Bulding

During the Second World War, Leeds was bombed several times, in 1941 the largest attack by the German air force took place. After 1945 Leeds' industrial decline began. Between 1971 and 1981, every third job in manufacturing was lost, and in 2003 only around 10% of workers were employed in industry. The decay of traditional industry was accompanied by an upswing in the service sector and in education. The founding of the University of Leeds in 1904 was followed by further university foundations and thus created the basis for the rise to a major university town.


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