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by Jules Verne

Around the world in 80 days

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- First published in 1873 by Jules Verne

- Over 50 publishing companies like Klett (Germany), Kirkus Reviews (USA), Penguin Books (New Zealand)
- Ten real-life imitations are known

Information about the book

Information about the author

JuLes Verne

- Born in 1828 in Nantes and died 1905 in Amiens, France

- was a french writer
- got popular with the books "Around the World in 80 days", "20.000 miles unter the sea" and "From the earth to the moon"
- had one wife (Honorine du Fraysine de Viane) and one son (Michel Verne)

Main Characters

- protagonist of the novel

- rich businessman from London
- makes the bet in worth of £20.000
- circumnavigates the world in 80 days
-perfectionist (P. 10/11/!2/19)

Jean Passepartout

Phileas Fogg

- the French valet of Phileas Fogg

- surname translates to "goes everywhere"
- actually hired for the "normal" life of Fogg

.-Phileas Fogg makes a bet of £20.000 with an english Gentlemen in London

-Has to circumnavigate the world in 80 days or less
-Meeting is the Gentleman club (Reform club) in London

Where the trip begins...

Map of the trip

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London (2nd October 1872)

Brindisi (5th October 1872)

Steamer (Mongolia)

Port Said (9th October 1872)

San Francisco (2nd December 1972)

Port Said (9th October 1872)

Bombay ( 22nd October 1872)

Steamer (Mongolia)

Calcutta ( 25th October 1872)

Hong Kong (4th November 1872)

Steamer (Rancoon)

Yokohama (10th November 1872)

Steamer (Carnatic)

Steamer (General Grant)

Steamer (The General Grant)

New York (9th December 1972)

Steamer (The China)

London (18th December 1872)

- Mr. Fix = one of the best detectives in United Kingdom (P. 20)

- Robbery on 29th September 1872 = £55.000 (P. 20)
- suspects Mr. Fogg for robbing a bank and assumes that the £20.000 are stolen (P. 20)
- tries to catch Mr. Fogg in Port Said, then in Hong Kong (P. 30/31 and 57/58)
- arrests Mr. Fogg at the entrance in Liverpool, while the actual thieves are being caught in London (P. 95/96)

MR. Fix and the robbery

Story between P. 40 and P. 44

Tradition in India: when husband dies, the wife dies with him

Without hesitation and thinking of possible death, Passparteout dresses himself like the dead husband and gets the young woman.

On their way to Calcutta: Mr. Fogg buys an elephant and takes a guide to help them on the road. They see an old tradition, where a young woman has to be burnt alive.

Passepartout almost gets arrested because of his conflict with a priest in Bombay.

MR. Fogg and aouda

The Colorado Mountains

- On the road between San Francisco and New York, right at the mountains of Colorado

- A group of Indians attack the train ( Mr. Fogg, Passepartout, Aouda and Mr. Fix were in it)
- Mr. Fogg and a Colonel begin to shoot at the Indians, the Indians jump on the train
-Indians return, Mr. Fogg catches them and beats them in a fight
- Mr. Fogg is the hero of the night

The Crew and the attack on the train

Story between P. 78 and P.84

Do I recommend this book to teenagers?

My opinion

I personally loved the book. All the events, the actions, the robberies and the catastrophes make it so much better, that you can never get bored while reading it. I will also wach the series on ZDF, because I really want to see if something has been changed or if they kept the Story in original.

I would not recommend the book just for teenagers, I recommend this book to everybody, no matter if it's a boy or a girl, a young man or an older woman, this book will be very very interesting.

Where you can find the masterpiece

-Ernst Klett Sprachen GmbH
-ISBN: 978-3-12-500064-3
-Price: 11,99€
-Avalaible in every bookstore
(Thalia, Hugendubel, Mühlheimer Buchladen)