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This presentation is part of the song-based lesson plan: Teaching With Songs: Traveler, a song-based lesson plan for Cambridge C1 Advanced by the songactivityfactory.com



Song Activity 012 - 2022


"You know that I love you when I let you go"

quote from a song

Why might a person say this:

Listen to the song and note down the cities and countries mentioned

first listening

Listen to the song again and think of these questions to discuss with a partner later:

1- what is the song about?
2- What is the singer feeling?
3- Who is the singer singing to?
4- What is the message he’s trying to convey?
5- Why does he sing the phrase “You know that I love you when I let you go”?

second listening

Check your answers

1- From reading the lyrics, what impression do you get of the singer and the person he’s singing to?

2- Which of them do you most identify with? Why?

questions for discussion:

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