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Me and my World

Media And arts

- radio and TV
- books, guitar, have fun
- mental health
- not feeling good enough
- bullied
- informations

Healthy life

-isn't so healthy, not worth

- wanna be happy
-sport, dont make much sense
- hearing music, playing rabbits, TV

Kurt Cobain

  • born: 20th Feb 1976
  • died: 5th April 1994 (overdose, headshot)

  • singer, songwriter, guitarist --> band nirvana


- good singer

why do you admire him?

- wrote almost all lyrics
- other oppinions doesn't matter

how was the person?

- funny, depressed, succesful, pensive

what do you appreciate about him?

- he was a strong man
- respects all

angagement for something

- made music for outsiders

The best day i've ever had

- i didn't find a day

-there are a lot of nice days

- specific

- friends

Thank you!