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Bobby Sands

Summary :

  • Biography

  • His fight

  • After he died

  • His quotes

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He was Born in March 1954 in Newtownabbey in Northern Ireland and died in May 1981 in the prison of Maze in the Northern Ireland.

He was died by an Hunger Strike during 66 days.
In all his childhood, his familly and him were been discriminated by english loyaliste becaus they were nationalist and the problem was th ghetto was populated by english loyaliste.so, he decided to joinded the IRA.


IRA is an organisation who fight against the presence of the english on there country.


Loyalist is a protestant who is in favour of the unification between the England and the Ireland


A nationalist is generally a catholic who is in favour of an united Ireland.

His fight :

In 1972 he joins the IRA, he was the leader of many actions against the loyalist. He was arrested a first time in the same year because he had weapons in his house. In the prison of Long Kesh, he did a first hunger strike during thirty five days. He won the statut of political prisoner. He was released in 1976. But, the same year, he was arrested again for the same reason with one difference: he became a criminal prisoner because he was suspected to participate in an attack and the statut of political prisoner was removed. On his last imprisonement, he did, with other IRA members, many strike : for example, the dirty protest where they doesn't wanty to wash them and they put excrement on the wall
The first, of marsh 1981 , he did his last hunger strike where he died. she last 66 days. the 23 marh, he went to the hospital, where he died the 5 May 1981.

Joins in 1972

Sent to the Long Kesh prison.

Won the statut of political prisoner.

Released in 1976, and arrested a second time. Sent to the maze prison.

Did the dirty protest.

Died by doing a second hunger strike whose last
66 days.

After he died

His dead provoke many fight in the country with more violence. around 100 000 people move for pay tribute to booby sands. for certain people, his hunger strike provoke the peace accords of 1998.

Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.

Guns don't win wars; guns and bombs may kill a man but they cannot make him follow their lead, nor will they ever coerce an unyielding man to yiel.

We refuse to lie here in dishonor! We are not criminals, but Irishmen! This is the crime of which we stand accused.

They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn't want to be broken.


More information

This painting on the wall represents Bobby Sands with his most famous quotes.

Durring his Journey in the maze prison he wrote a book in a toilet paper. He was published in 1983and it's name in english is "One day in my life."