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Célia et Jenna


Firstly, at school every year we went on vacation. This was called "classe de découverte". But today we're gonna talk about our favorite.


To start, Utah and Omaha beach are two of the five Normandy landing beaches. We went fishing there and visited some bunkers.

Utah and Omaha beach

Then we went to see the cemeteries of soldiers who died during the Second World War.

American cemetery

German cemetery

Next to the Caen Memorial is a memorial that traces the events that appeared during the Second World War. It is appreciated because it pays tribute to the soldiers of the Second World War.


Besides, we went to arromanches 360, it is a room with images of the second world war projected in 360. These images come from british, german, american and french archives.

Arromanches 360


To finished, we choose to talk about Caen because this was our last vacation with school.