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Our trip to Australia

By Kaouba and Lina


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  • Presentation of Ausralia

  • Departure and first day

  • Second day and what is Uluru?

  • Third day the opera house

Australia : country located in Oceania in the southern hemisphere

We visited Australia because there were a lot of things to visit and we are going tell you about our trip

Presentation of Australia

For Kaouba's birthday we went to Australia because it was her dream's destination.
The tickets cost us a total of 1000 euros.
In the first day, we have visited the Great Barrer Reef and we went to Alice Springs city.

Departure and first day

we visited The Great Barrer Reef and we discovered new fish and corals

Second day

During our second day in australia we visited Uluru

It is a rock that the arborigines love
Uluru is so beautiful and we took a lot of picturs whith the rock.

We also visited the city of Camberra which is the capital of Australia

Third day and the visit at the opera house

The third day, we went to the opera House and we visited it.

It was very beautiful and we took the opportunity to visit sydney the second most populated city in Australia. We have not seen kangaroos but it was a fabulous trip!!!!

We loved our trip to Australia because we liked the places we visited !!!
See you soon for new adventures