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Stop plastic pollution

By Busseuil Alizée, dalverny Léna, Dupont Carla, Bonnafé Louis



1-association and World awareness

2-Waste stabilization

3-eco-Friendly plastic

4-political issues

Association and world awareness

By Carla Dupont

Section n°1


Association and raise awareness

  • Pollution is everywhere in the world and she's very problematic for our ecosystems and biodiversity.

  • Promote recycling.

  • Our campaign "Eco-clean" organises interventions for the environment.

  • The aim is to work together to provide sustainable solutions.

  • Raising awarness to improve things.

Waste Stabilization

By Louis Bonnafé

Section n°2

A natural filter

waste stabilization

  • An ecological project

  • Many spaces of vegetables

  • Cover estuary with natural filter dam

  • Develop the rivers banks

  • Change our materials

Eco-friendly plastic

By Alizée Busseuil

Section n°3

A new plastic

We need a plastic production less polluting and made with natural raw material and also a biodegradable plastic wich would not impact the planet and our health.

An intermediate to plastic created from a plant : the cactus.

The eco-friendly plastic

Political Issues

By Léna Dalverny

Section n°4

  • Encouraging the creation of intermediaries in plastic

  • Implementation of subsidy measures

  • Suceed in passing this bill in the case of the whole of Europe

Implementation of a new bill : "The Plastic Act"

  • Regulating the amount of plastic used in factories and companies

  • A maximum threshold of plastic, in order to reduce the exessice consumption.

  • Sanctions if the plastic content is exeedeed

"Kill pollution or it will kill you."

"Go green, breathe clean."