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Rockstar Founder

Terry Donovan

Gary Foreman
Dan Houser
Sam Houser
Jamie King


Dan Houser

born November 1973 is an English video game producer, writer, and voice actor, as well as the co-founder (along with his brother Sam) and former vice president of creativity for Rockstar Games.

Gary Foreman

also credited as Gary J. Foreman has worked for Rockstar Games on seven Grand Theft Auto games.

Sam Houser

born 1971 is a British video game producer. He is the co-founder and president of Rockstar Games and one of the creative driving forces behind the games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise,

Terry Donovan

born 28 October 1942, also billed as Terence J. Donovan and Terry Donovan, is an English-Australian actor of stage and television, and the father of fellow actor and singer Jason Donovan

Jamie King

no Information about him

Grand Theft Auto

The First Gta which came out in 1997 for the PS1 is a 2D game with a Retrocam from above.

it isn't build like GtaV like today. it werent meant to be an open world game

RedDead Redemption

is a western Style game which is porgammed to be a third person shooter

with missions and assignments. Your Charakter rides a horse often and has a revolver all the time.

But currently there is another gameversion of it too and is named RedDead Redemption II

Body Harvest

is videogame from schottish gamedeveloper DMA DESIGN (today known as Rockstar North), which has elements from Action-Adventures and from Third-Person-Shooter combined. This game is founded in Oktober 1998 for Nintendo 64.


is a Racing game that came out in the year 2007. is was a Racing game which you could only play as PvE.

there are other Versions of Midnight Club like "Midnight Club 3"

Max Payne

is a third Person open World game which lets you do lots of missions,

a lot of criminal organisation Assignments and many variants of guns

RedDead Revolver

is a game which got released in 2004 for the PS2 and the XBOX.

its a Third-Person-Shooter which lets you complete Missions and assignments to get xp and weapons.

Gta V Sales

Most Saled Game

from Rockstar North

ReadDead Sales

Most Saled games of the Read Dead Series



XBox One and PS4


Microsoft Windows


Google Stadia


X-box 360 and PS3


X-Box One and PS4


Rockstar North

Located in New York

622 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, Vereinigte Staaten



Gta VI expected next Year

Release Date could be next Year (2023) or 2024

Its been 8 years since the Gta V version came out for the PS3 and XBox 360. Later it was playable for the Ps4 and XBox Series and its now time for the Gta 6 to shine

there are no currently infos for the release date, but Rockstar reports, that it could come out in the next year or the following year.

Gta 6 Leaks

Its been officially leaked that someone who work for the agency of the Develop Studio of Rockstar, that Gta has already three Characters like Gta 5.

The Character are named KC, Ricardo and Rose.

Ricardo should be the smuggler, KC a criminal and Rose is a Policeofficer.

new leaks says that the Map of Gta 6 contains maps of Liberty City, Vice City and and one more.

somene says that Gta 6 has platform on the ingame phone like in Gta 5 where the NPC's can make fotos and Videos of and post it on the platform. It should be very untertaining and funny.

a very good info we got is that the Gta 6 is about Miami.


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