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Breakout groups at APSE TRB 2022 meeting

Emerging pavement research topics and potential contribution of APSE

As a result of the breakout groups discussion from APSE members and friends during the APSE 2022 meeting at Washington D.C some of the most critical information was summarized here:

Breakout groups at APSE TRB 2022 meeting

Organizations and societies that APSE may partner with to promote these research items

APSE role in promoting these research themes

Top 3 research themes for pavement engineering in the next 10-15 years

New technologies

Resiliency and extending pavement life


Top 3 research themes

Life cycle analysis (LCA)

Replacing traditional asphalt and portland cement

Biomaterials (or bio solutions) applied to pavements

Embodied carbon footprint in pavement materials and construction practices

Associate mix design assessment for adding recycling agents

Recycling of different materials / impact in further recycling generations

Efficiency of recycled asphalt materials containing high content of recycling agents


Applying and improving non-destructive technologiess

Pavement condition monitoring (i.e. smart sensors, accelerometers)

Design for extreme conditions (i.e. flooding)

Resiliency and extending pavement life

Asphalt self-healing technologies

Innovative materials to accommodate environmental changes/climate change

Smart pavements for next generations


New technologies

Design and synthesis of new materials for optimal performance properties

Artificial intelligence

Connection with autonomous vehicles

3-D printing

Identifying organizations to fund projects

APSE role in promoting these 3 research themes

Connect with other pavement organizations and committees

Bridge research-engineering gaps in the workforce

Facilitate collaborative research in which many labs are involved

Webinars and workshops

Potential organizations that APSE can partner up with