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fransisco pizarro


by Hala Mohamed


the inca empire

Atahualpa :


  • located in South America
  • language : Quechua
  • They are known for creating the largest empire ever seen in the Americas, their impressive agricultural techniques, and their art and architecture which uniquely combined geometrical stonework with the natural landscape.

  • The last Inca leader
  • He was captured, held for ransom and then killed by Fransisco Pizarro

ransom: geisel

disintegrate: zerfallen

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Fransisco Pizarro


Who is fransisco pizarro ?

  • He was a Conquistador
  • He is best known for conquering the Incas and Killing their leader Atahualpa
  • He found Lima
  • He joined Vasco nunez de Balboa on the way to the Pacific ocean
  • He served as Panama city major (1519-1525)

Conquistador: Eroberer

what did fransisco pizarro do to the incas ?

  • Pizarro's men massacred the Incas
  • They captured Atahualpa
  • They forced Atahualpa to convert to christianity
  • They killed Atahualpa
  • Many Incas died and many were taken as prisoners
  • They were treated like animals
  • They took all the gold

massacred: Massaker

glory: ruhm

How did fransisco Pizarro grow up?

  • He was born in Trujillo in Spain
  • He grew up poor
  • He didnt learn how to read and write
  • He was raised by his grandparants
  • His parents never got married
  • He dreamed about exploring the world

-Pizarro’s rivalry with Almagro led to conflict in 1537. Almagro had taken over Cuzco after one of Pizarro’s half-brothers, Juan Pizarro, was killed. Pizarro did not want Almagro to have the city, but was too old to fight himself so he sent his brothers to Cuzco to fight. They defeated Almagro and killed him afterward. As a revenge, armed supporters of Almagro broke into Pizarro’s palace in Lima and killed him on June 26, 1541.

Diego de Almagro


Pizarro's death:

Is Fransisco Pizarro the Hero or the Villain?

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by Hala Mohamed