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War and Peace

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Welcome to our new unit!

You will work with war photographs
The images of war that can be seen everywhere at the moment are terrible. At the same time you can often find hope and humanity in them. The mother planting tulips with her child in front of the ruins, the musician giving a cello concert on the Maidan in Kiev, or did you see the wedding couple from Kharkiv? In the upcoming unit we will work with these images from the war.
You will learn about the war in Ukraine
Before that, we'll get to know some background knowledge on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. If you sometimes watch or listen to international news like BBC or NBC, you may have noticed that they often have a different focus than German news. In this unti you will learn to understand these news better and better so that you can inform yourself well and from reliable sources.
You will express your own thoughts
Many people, Martin Luther King, Otto von Bismarck and John Lennon, have expressed their thoughts on war and peace. What did they say? And what do you think of their opinion? You will learn to express your thoughts: by developing arguments but also by expressing yourself creatively.
I hope you are now a little curious, because today you will get to know the whole unit by exploring the website. Let me know what you think of it!

Today starts our new unit on war and peace. In this unit we will meet Maria Montessori and Jimi Hendrix as well as Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. We will look to Mariupol and to Kiev - and maybe a little bit to Woodstock as well. But what else are you going to do?

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