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E-waste is a popular name for wasted electronic products, such as computers, phones, TVs etc. When electronics are broken or old, people usually dump them into garbage without thinking about consequences they cause.

What is e-waste?


When electronic things are dumped into landfill, toxic substances like mercury and lead can leach into soil and water. They're very toxic to humans and most people don't do anything about it. Electronics contains very valuable and non-renewable resources like gold, silver, platinum, aluminium and cobalt. Most people don't even know about this and they're throwing away precious materials.

Why is e-waste a problem?


•We can use eletronics as long as we can. Some people may think that it's obvious, but many people actually use elctronics only 1 year and dump them in landfill even tho they're good for use. •If the item is still good to use or need small fixes we can give it to someone else. There are many sites that you can visit like amazon and sell the item to people who need it. •If there's no way to use the item or return it, you can find a reliable local organisation who will recycle it.

What can we do about it?


Tokyo Olympics Medals Were Made With Tons of Recycled Smartphones, Laptops Donated by the Public. For the people of Japan, the project offered a unique opportunity to be a part of the Games. The project capitalized on the fact that billions worth of precious metals such as gold and silver, which are used in electronic devices, get discarded each year globally thanks to people simply dumping or burning their gadgets instead of ensuring they are properly collected and recycled.

Tokyo Olympics Medals